Horror, Third Person

Developer: Harvester Games
Release: 2012

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"Susan Ashworth has woken up to a beautiful dream... She's in a field of barley, at a strike of dawn. Warm wind blows in her face, her hair waving as she stares at the sunrise. She's dead. Through her dream she can barely hear the sounds of reality breaking through- the screaming of a friend who found Susan's body on her bedroom's floor, the ambulance crew resuscitating her on the way to the hospital. She has taken an overdose, and willingly at that. Life has been tough on her lately. After her husband's death everything lost its meaning, her world was empty and grey and she decided to end it once and for all. And for the first time in a long time she is happy. Not really aware of what is happening... but she's enjoying being in this strange beautiful place on the edge of life and death. What she doesn't realize is that it's all a trap, an illusion, a road to hell. She'd fall for it, she'd go through the fields into an abandoned tunnel filled with wrecks and further into the darkness, if not for something that happens. Somebody's tricked her again- she finds that someone wants her to live after all... So she's back in the land of the living. Accused of wanting to kill herself she has been assigned a Suicide Watch. They'll keep a close eye on her... But for now she's back home, in her two bedroom apartment where neighbours know her as the Cat Lady. She has a thing for cats... She decides to give it another go, try to find her happiness again. The only problem is that she brought something back from that other world- a warning. Something bad is going to happen and she'll have to fight to survive. Five people will come into to her life. One of them will change her life and make it better. But the other four have nothing but cruel intentions. They'll have their own reasons to hurt her... "

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