Third Person

Developer: Faraway Studios
Release: CNCL

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"The story is set in a picturesque mountain village around Christmas Eve. The protagonist, Nathan, worn out by his job, is looking forward to spending Christmas with his family, by the fireplace, watching snowflakes fall. However, his idyllic plans suddenly begin to crumble as he recieves a call from his secret lover. She seems confused and speaks in an enigmatic way, demanding that Nathan comes to Pitfall Mountains, a small mountain village, and threatening that she will tell Nathan's wife the truth about the affair, if he doesn't. So, Nathan unwillingly agrees. The next day, exhausted by his journey through no man's land, he finally arrives to a small town situated in a mountian valley, far from his everyday life. Shortly after that he meets his lady-friend in a hotel room, where he spends about an hour. Upset with the outcome of the conversation, Nathan leaves the hotel with a single thought in his mind - to leave the town immediately... As he will soon discover, it is not possible anymore. His car won't start, a mighty snow storm begins to gather in the distance, the wind's howling louder and louder and soon all will get covered by a white fog. It obvious that in this weather it's not possible to risk traveling back through unknown landscape on narrow mountain roads with zero visibility, while all around fiercefully swirl heavy snowflakes. Angry and disturbed, Nathan leaves his car and runs back to the hotel, where he rents a small room, hoping to spend there just one night... "