Developer: Paperash
Release: 2016

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"Our story follows the journey of the inventor DW Tagrezbung and the contract he received years ago. Even as a child, he created a functional model of the universe and throughout his life drew attention to a number of significant inventions. At an advanced age he entered his peaceful life of the last contract. His assignment was very strange. The benefactor requested the creation of a model of the human world that embraces changeable weather and civilization. What he did not want to be part of the model was the human face or even people. The actual challenge then presented a transportation model. It was necessary to overcome Transparent country. Inhospitable territory stretched between the sponsor and the inventor, for centuries connected only by rail. Tagrezbung therefore decided to build a train that could not only accommodate such a model, but also cater to the long journey. Engagement eventually devoted his entire life. On the same day, when the train was finally ready to go, Tagrezbung died..."