Cartoon, Third Person

Developer: Alice Bowman
Release: CNCL

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"You have spent your entire life so far growing up at the People’s Planetarium in Capital City. The world you know is filled with technological wonders all made possible with the potent energy of starlight which powers these modern machines. You have a very special and important job of Star Catcher. Like all of the other children who live with you in the Planetarium, you were raised and provided for by the Planetarium's officials and in exchange for this happy and comfortable childhood you work for the city as a Star Catcher. Most Star Catchers are young children like you, chosen specifically for this job because starlight is naturally attracted to the happiness and innocence of childhood. However, you dream of seeing more than just the inside of the Planetarium and hope to explore the city and know it’s secrets, and the stars whisper stories to you of faraway places and distant adventures."